Arbatax together with Lanusei and Tortolì is one of the major tourist centers of Ogliastra area. Among the best known and most visited natural sites there are Rocce Rosse (Red Rocks) of Arbatax that thanks to their beauty attract many tourists. Red Rocks are a short drive away and are […]

Rocce Rosse of Arbatax

The cave “Grotta del Fico”, in the territory of Baunei in Ogliastra, is considered one of the most beautiful and important caves in Sardinia. Situated between the beaches of Cala Mariolu and Cala Biriola, accessible both by sea and by land, in the past it was frequented by monk seals. […]

The cave “Grotta del Fico”

Nuoro city at the sunset from Ortobene Mountain


Panoramica della spiaggia di Solanas